The Bent Benjamins
Modern Americana with some serious MOJO


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In celebration of this momentous Version 1 rollout, on our music & media page is the mastered LIVE audio track of "What a Life" available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Just select the song and click download button that will appear in the top of the player.

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The Bent Benjamins are a Philadelphia area Americana performance band, alive and rooted with stage presence and originality. Their sound is set in a pastime, yet with a modern-day arrangement of melody and accompanying instruments that lure listeners. Their music catalogue consists of catchy originals along with an eclectic selection covers that span genres and decades of popular artists embodied within the band's distinguished style. The Bent Benjamins music would slip into a playlist with The Head & The Heart, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Mumford and Sons. The group is built from diverse backgrounds that bridge the past and present of American music.

James Donsky:

"The Infectious Vocal Powerhouse"

Position: Lead Vocals + Guitar

Jim drives the front-end of the group with his propulsive voice and strident guitar playing. Living by the motto: "Anything worth singing is worth singing passionately", Jim grabs the audience's attention with his penetrating style of undisguised songwriting, the culmination of years of writing and performing with passion on his sleeve

Thomas Zartler, JR:

"The Jocose Low-Frequency Ripper"

Position: Harmony Vocals + Upright Bass

Tom is the commander of the low-end power in the songs with his bass "Frankenstein" and is known for his obscure & witty sense of humor keeping the crowd on its toes between songs. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry and multiple U.S. tours under his belt, Tom brings refinement, dynamic and engaging content with his commitment to the craft in music writing and performing.

Aaron D. Brown:

"The Adroitly Abetting Harmonic"

Position: Harmony Vocals + Guitar

Aaron is a special sauce. Aaron brings harmonic complexity with his voice and ornamental rapport in his guitar playing, filling in the pockets of The Bent Benjamin's music. Aaron's unique ear for harmony, born from the love of barbershop music, adds a clever catch to Jim's melodies seldom heard since the 1920's and rarely in Americana music. He dresses to follow suit.

Pat West:

" The Ardent Pendulum of Cajon"

Position: Percussion

Pat glues the group in time with his variety in rhythms, stemming from his background in an orchestral pit on timpani, marimba and xylophone, moving to band performance on drums to today on cajon, a Peruvian percussion instrument from the late 18th century. Pat is the proponent, advocating the music's energy with his conjugative cajon groove.